Russia COULD kick your ass but sadly most of the time it's your own team kicking it! Видишь или нет TVOP - mit dem will der Brand aussagekräftige Mode schaffen!



No, it wasn't the Russians. With all the manufactured hostility towards Russia they go against this bullshit narrative... WE LOVE RUSSIA and tell all the war mongering mother fuckers to back the fuck off. Stay informed.


UNISEX but more MEN really made of 100% Cotton. Softwear Quality.

TVOP BASKETS Видишь или нет - GREY

CHF 80.00 Standardpreis
CHF 56.00Sonderpreis
  • This garment was designed in Switzerland and carefully manufactured in India under their strict surveillance. They visit all our manufacturing sites and keep close relations to their local manufacturing partners in order to guarantee ethical and environmental standards.